Human Indexing

Modelling the human environment inteface

Prometech’s Human Indexing Solution is a state-of-the-art technology suite engineered to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals operating in hazardous environments. By combining vital signs monitoring with a comprehensive analysis of personal protective equipment (PPE) performance, this solution is indispensable for first responders, military, and industrial workers who are faced with CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) and ballistic threats.

Smart Modelling

Data Driven

Actionable Intel


Real-time Vital Signs Monitoring:
Our solution monitors vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature, and respiratory rate in real-time. This continuous tracking of physiological indicators is crucial in hazardous environments, as it provides insights into an individual’s physical state and potential health risks. With this data, timely interventions can be made to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of personnel.

CBRN Protective Performance Analysis:
Understanding the effectiveness of CBRN protective gear is vital. Our PPE Selection Tool enables users to simulate and evaluate various threat scenarios. Moreover, our solution examines protective gear at micro, meso, and macro levels, offering a granular understanding of how well the gear can protect against toxic agents and other hazards. It also allows for predictions regarding the gear’s protective capabilities in different environments.

Ballistic Protective Performance Analysis:
In environments where there is a risk of exposure to high-impact objects such as bullets or shrapnel, our solution provides a detailed analysis of ballistic protective gear. It helps predict whether penetration will occur based on the kinetic energy of the object and the properties of the gear. This information is vital for selecting the appropriate gear for specific threats.

Clothing Thermal Comfort Assessment:
In hazardous environments, the comfort of protective gear is as important as its protective capabilities. Our solution evaluates the thermal properties of protective clothing and calculates skin and core temperatures based on clothing, activity levels, and environmental factors. This helps in achieving an optimal balance between comfort and protection, which is crucial for prolonged operations.

Toxicological Assessment & Prediction:
Our solution incorporates the MORTAL model, which provides in-depth toxicological assessments. It analyses the deposition of toxic agents onto the skin and the possible effects. This information is crucial for understanding the risks involved and for taking the necessary precautions to minimise exposure.

Data-Driven Decision Support:
Prometech’s Human Indexing Solution provides actionable data and predictive insights that enable dynamic decision-making. With the information provided, decision-makers can make well-informed choices regarding operational strategies, gear selection, and the deployment of personnel in hazardous environments.

Use Cases

Emergency Responders and Hazard Mitigation:
Human Indexing proves to be invaluable for Disaster Response Teams and Firefighters. During natural calamities like earthquakes or chemical spills, or in fire incidents, it’s vital to monitor the health and ensure the adequacy of protective gear for responders. They are exposed to unpredictable conditions, extreme heat, and potentially hazardous materials. Human Indexing helps in monitoring their physiological status, evaluating the protection offered by their gear, and preventing heat stress or exposure to toxins.

Military and High-Risk Security Operations:
Military personnel operating in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear (CBRN) environments, as well as Law Enforcement Special Units and Security Personnel at high-risk events, benefit from Human Indexing. It ensures they are wearing appropriate protective gear and monitors their vital signs during operations. This is essential for readiness and safety in situations where they may be exposed to gunfire, explosions, hazardous materials, or need ballistic protection.

Healthcare and High-Containment Laboratory Safety:
Human Indexing is critical for Medical Professionals handling infectious diseases and Research Scientists in high-containment labs. During outbreaks, pandemics, or while working with hazardous materials, it ensures the healthcare workers and scientists are adequately protected. Human Indexing monitors the effectiveness of protective gear against pathogens and the physical condition of individuals, ensuring the integrity of their protective suits and overall physiological health.

Extreme Environmental Conditions and Exploration:
For Space Exploration, Underwater Diving, and Industrial Workers in extreme conditions such as mining or construction at high altitudes, Human Indexing plays a crucial role. It can be used to monitor vital signs, assess the adequacy of space or diving suits against extreme pressures and temperatures, and ensure protective gear is adapted to harsh conditions. This is critical for safety when exposed to extreme environments, low oxygen levels, and ensuring protection against the elements.

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